To be a sustainable, growth and customer oriented company with professionalism to remain competitive and contributing to society in the barrier-free economy.


To build the company on sound financial footings with better productivity, excellence in quality and improved efficiency at lower operating costs by utilizing of state of the art technologies.

To accomplish excellent financial results which can benefit all the stakeholders including members and employees of the company.

To fulfill obligations towards the society being a good corporate citizen.

Recognition Awards

SASML has so far completed 31 crushing seasons and has also received 12th International Food and Beverage Award in 1989 in recognition of the excellent quality of its product. In 1996 it was rated as No.25 out of the top 100 companies in the Karachi Stock Exchange with regard to pretax profit to net worth. During the year ended September 1997, SASML acquired ISO-9001-2015 Certification, being the first company in the sugar industry to receive the same.

Business Activities

SASML is engaged in the production of white refined crystal sugar of all grades and color including pharmaceutical grade from Talofloc refining process technology (Tate & Lyle Sugar Process Technology – UK).

Factory / Plant

The plant is located at Deh. Deenpur, Taluka. Bulri Shah Karim, District. Tando Mohammad Khan, 38 miles from Hyderabad, (Sindh) on 205 acres. Out of this total area, the main mill is on 45 acres, the colony and residential area on 60 acres and sugar research farm on 100 acres. The project was set up at a cost of about Rs.375.000 Million financed by Banks, DFI’s such as NDFC, BEL, and other banks consortium and sponsors. SASML’s initial cane crushing capacity was 3000 tons per day. At present, the crushing capacity of SASML is 8,000 tons per day with the production capacity of mill above 12,80,000 metric tons per annum of refined white sugar based on 160 days operation and 10.00% sugar recovery. The total number of employees is around 800 during the season in three shifts. Workers’ colony is also located within the vicinity of the Mills in addition to the guest house, officers’ flats and executive bungalows, etc.

Raw Material

Sugarcane is available in abundant quantity in the areas surrounding SASML’s production facilities (within a radius of 10 miles) which is usually purchased on credit terms of 7 days after supply.


Bye-products include bagasse (a waste material recovered after sucrose is extracted from the sugarcane) and molasses, with the former being utilized as fuel by SASML for its boilers and the later being sold to exporters or manufacturers of industrial alcohol.

Corporate Information

Company Registration No. : 0011185
Sales Tax Registration No. : 01-01-2302-008-28
National Tax No. : 0712160-1

Registered Office / Head Office

209, Progressive Plaza, Beaumont Road,
Near PIDC House, Karachi.
Phone : (92-21) 35638212-6
Fax : (92-21) 35638219


Deh: Deenpur,
Taluka, Bulri Shah Karim,
Distt: Tando Muhammad Khan,

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