Board of Directors

Mr. Deoo Mal Essarani – Chairmain

The Management is headed by Mr. Deoo Mal Essarani who is the Chairman of the Company. They are basically one of the biggest importers of fertilizer under title of United Agro Chemicals from abroad and annual import is to the tune of over Rs.4 Billion (over US$ 40.000 Million) per year.

Besides taking over this Company viz. Sindh Abadgar’s Sugar Mills Limited, from the previous management, they also own two Textile Spinning Units of 26,000 Spindles and 19,000 Spindles established recently in addition to two units of Cotton Ginning Factories, two units of Oil Mills, one each at Hyderabad (Sindh) and Kotri (Sindh).

They are very well known Trading Group of lower Sindh with vast resources.

Dr. Tara Chand Essarani - Director

He is a son of Mr. Deoo Mal Essarani and is a medical doctor by profession. He became Board of Director since in 2005. He has been attached to Mills technical procurement and admin affairs of the Company.

Mr. Dileep Kumar - Director

Mr. Dileep Kumar is a Director of the company and he was first elected to the BOD in 2012. He is graduate and possessed knowledge, experience and is well versed in the company’s operation.

Mr. Pehlaj Rai - Director

Mr. Pehlaj Rai is graduate and a Director of the company and was first elected in 2005 to the BOD. He has vast experience in the field of technical aspects and admin issues.

Mr. Mohan Lal - Director

Mr. Mohan Lal is a graduate and has been Director of the company since 2005. He carries vast experience in agriculture farming which helps the company procuring better quality of Sugarcane with higher recovery. Besides he has been providing guidance and impart his knowledge to the company for better managing the affairs of the company.

Dr. Besham Kumar - Director

Mr. Besham Kumar was first elected to the Board of Directors of Sindh Abadgar’s Sugar Mills Limited in the year 2005. He holds the graduate degree and by profession is a doctor.

Mr. Mahesh Kumar - Director

Mr. Mahesh Kumar is an Executive Director of the company and has been looking after sales and finance department. He is a graduate and has been a member of the Board since 2005. He has been instrumental and indispensable part of the company.